Stained Glass - Things You Might Not Know About

Stained glass has been in existence for thousands of years. The art of glassmaking has its roots in ancient Egypt, which discovered the material for making vessels. Egyptian-colored glass beads date back to at least 2700 BC. In the first century AD, the Romans used stained glass windows to decorate their homes. Stained glass windows were most popular among the wealthy, and early examples can be found in palaces and churches throughout the Middle East.

Modern uses:

Stained glass is an ancient form of decorative art. It has many uses, ranging from religious symbols to abstract narratives. It is commonly used to decorate windows of churches and houses. These windows adorn figurative and abstract patterns, narratives, and symbols, including saints, patrons, and armorial symbols. Stained glass has been popular throughout history and remains so today, with many styles of panels and windows created by artists.


Several factors can affect the cost of stained glass. The most important factors are the level of detail, color, and panel size. If you need a large panel, the cost will be higher than if you only need a small panel.

Cost of making:

There are several factors to consider regarding the cost of stained glass making. These factors include the materials you need, the labor cost, and the going rate for a stained glass artist in your area. In addition, fixed costs, such as equipment and studio rental space, need to be amortized over time. Another important factor to consider is opportunity cost, which is the cost of not performing another activity.


Stained glass is a medium for depicting religious and secular stories in various colors. It was the predominant European painting medium during the Gothic and Renaissance periods. Narratives about the life of Christ often accompanied stained glass windows. These works of art were incorporated into churches, city halls, and even private houses.


There are many different styles of stained glass. Some are more elaborate than others. These windows can be found in many places throughout the world. Some have been in use for centuries. For example, the lancet window is a tall spear-shaped window, while rose windows are circular windows with a central medallion.

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