The Fastest Way To Heat A Hot Tub

While heating a hot tub is great, the process shouldn’t be too long. Even a perfect tub won’t heat quickly if you don’t care for it properly. Although there are various heaters for hot tubs, here are some tips and tricks that can make the process go faster, including using a hose of at least 3/4″ in diameter.

Natural gas:

There are several benefits of using natural gas to heat your hot tub. Not only does it heat the water faster, but it is also safer for the environment than propane. Unlike other forms of heating water, natural gas does not produce fumes. This makes natural gas an ideal choice for heating hot tubs.


Traditionally, hot tubs used a lot of power to heat up and maintain the temperature, but spa manufacturers have improved their energy efficiency dramatically over the years. The change in your monthly electric bill should be much smaller than you imagine.

Portable immersion heater:

Portable immersion heaters are a convenient way to heat a hot tub. Most of these units use thermostatic controls to maintain a consistent temperature in the water. They also automatically shut off if the temperature drops. This makes them an excellent choice for smaller households or apartments that may not have access to a boiler or geyser. Another benefit of immersion heaters is their low energy usage. They are very easy to use and are great for reducing energy costs.

Sleep mode:

Hot tubs that are designed with sleep mode are more energy efficient. The laws of thermodynamics prove that keeping a hot tub at a constant temperature uses less energy than turning it on and off frequently. In addition, hot tubs that have sleep mode are usually insulated, so they retain most of their heat.

Proper insulating and sealing:

Ensure that your hot tub has a quality cover. If your cover is not durable enough, water may get into it, damaging the insulation in your hot tub. A well-made cover should have a poly wrapper on the foam core to prevent water from seeping in. A water-logged cover will be heavy and difficult to remove and reduce the insulation factor, leading to higher electric bills.

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