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Nebulizer Machine: Usage And Maintenance

A nebulizer machine creates a mist from liquid medicine. The medication mist goes into your lungs as you breathe. It makes the delivery of medicine faster. Medicine delivered in mist format is easily absorbed by aerial tracks and helps in faster recovery from allergies and other breathing issues.


How to use a Nebulizer?

  • Clean your hands before using the nebulizer, this may help to keep germs out of your lungs.
  • Get the machine ready. Make sure the machine is on a solid surface. Check to see sure the air filter is in good working order. If it’s dirty, wash it in cold water and air dry it. Connect the nebulizer machine to the power source.
  • Make sure the drug is ready. To combine the drug, use a dropper or a syringe.
  • If necessary, add saline. Your pharmaceutical container may need to be refilled with saline (saltwater). In a pharmacy, purchase sterile normal saline. In a nebulizer, do not use a homemade saline solution.
  • Connect the containers with each other. Connect the medication container to the machine with the tubing.
  • Place the mask firmly on your nose and mouth: Mask should cover your face and nose completely
  • Turn-on the machine: Maintain an upright position for the medicine container throughout the process

Maintenance of Nebulizer

The maintenance of a nebulizer machine is important as the nebulizer price is not low. Here is how to maintain nebulizers:

  • Clean the mask after each use. Dish soap and hot water are used to clean the container and the mouthpiece or mask. Air dry the pieces. The nebulizer machine parts can also be attached to the machine. Turn on the machine to quickly dry the nebulizer. Before putting anything away, make sure it’s entirely dry.
  • After treatment, disinfect every two days. Soak the nebulizer pieces in diluted white vinegar and hot water. Do not soak the mask. Allow about an hour of soak time. Rinse the pieces thoroughly, shake off any excess water, and air dry. The nebulizer machine parts can be attached to the machine as well. To quickly dry the nebulizer, turn on the machine. Before putting everything away, make sure it’s entirely dry.


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